Thursday, August 19, 2010

Early Bird Registration

"Nest Soho-2" by Leilei Guo

Registration is now open for the Book Arts Fair and Conference! Sign up from now until September 15 for the early bird special to the Book (R)evolution. There is an entire menu of choices so there is sure to be something to fit your schedule. The best deal, of course, is to get a pass for the whole shebang, and honestly, why wouldn't you want to? And, students, we have a special rate for you too!

We have been working nonstop adding more exciting events to the three-day program--much faster than we can update the website! But don't worry, all the details are coming soon!
We are now adding the names of fair exhibitors, and information on demonstrations and exhibitions will follow. That's right--exhibitions with an 's'!

Just yesterday one of our fair coordinators Lindsay asked (half-jokingly) if she could register for the fair too. But that is how all of us feel--we want to go to everything too! We are buzzing with energy and excitement here and looking forward to bringing you a great weekend of events.

Can't wait? Register here.

"Floating Palace" by Paul Johnson

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