Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Exhibitor Spotlight - Vicente Vertiz Pani

Vicente Vertiz Pani is one of our international artists that specializes in small editions of painted artist books that reflect his unique experiences. What follows is an interview that will explore the origin of his artistic influences and future projects.

Patty Lee: What is your first creative memory?
Vicente Vertiz Pani: The 1968 Olympics in Mexico city. I was just a kid 9 years old, but all the buzz around it inspired me to create a comic book that I wrote and drew about a very fat lady that was a real pain in the ass.

Patty Lee: What is the most interesting use of a book that you have seen?
Vicente Vertiz Pani: One I made when I was a boy that has the cover of a very serious text book and underneath I could camouflage a a sketch book or a comic book to make appear that I was studying.

Patty Lee: What is the oddest thing or experience that has inspired one of your works?
Vicente Vertiz Pani: My experiences as a pro ultradistance athlete, the kidnapping I suffered 16 years ago, the long walks of up 18 hours non stop I enjoy to do on the trips I take to different cities, odd buildings, etc...
Patty Lee: What are you working on right now, what is in your studio?
Vicente Vertiz Pani: I am working on several prints on wood for a book called "Ciudades en las que nunca he estado" (cities where I have never been) That is a group of 7 large format xilographies on Guarro paper, that I am going to present at the Estampa fair in Madrid Spain next October and in November at the Pyramid Atlantic Book fair. My studio right now is a mess. I have several prints on silk that I am painting by hand for a project on edition of wearable art, there are plates all over the place on big piece of wood over with I am carving a large format Xilografia blocks one of my entrance and on the other my dog an airdale terrier named Croc sleeps peacefuly so I cant get out.

Patty Lee: What is your favorite warm drink?
Vicente Vertiz Pani: Hot Chocolate with a touch of vanilla, cinnamon or coffee.

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